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Omaer S.r.l. - Concrete mixers
Betoniera Caricamento Idraulico C350 RI
  Mod. C 350 RI
  Tilting drum mixer with hydraulic loader
Total capacity of tank lt. 350
  Capacity of mixing (about) lt. 300
  Water tank capacity lt. 80
  Concrete hour production m³ 4 / 6
  Power electric motor HP 2,0 - Kw 1,5
  Power diesel motor HP 6,8 - Kw 5
  Lenght (about) mm. 1900
  Width (about) mm. 1800
  Height (about) (bucket raised) mm. 2800
  Weight (electric motor without shovel) Kg. 584
  Weight (electric motor with shovel) Kg. 668
  Weight (diesel motor without shovel) Kg. 594
  Scraping Shovel  
  Motor rating 380V / 50Hz HP 2,5 - Kw 1,85
  Traction speed m/sec. 0,72
  Traction capacity Kg. 257
  Lenght Steel cable m 12

1) Diesel engine Lombardini 2) Piston bucket 3) Lever bucket
Data and sizes are not binding and the producer reserves itself to modify
the machines without giving notice..

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